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the world, in britain and the united states as well. jon. jon: these reports of prisoners getting out of gitmo and going back to yemen to fight, what can you tell us about that? >> well, on very many levels, it's concerning. it's concerning, as i said, for nearby saudi arabia, because some of the gitmo detainees have been released , have gotten into yemen, and then they may be released to saudi arabia, gone into yemen and gone back to saudi, one tried to detonate an explosive device right next to one of the saudi princes recently, but we are hearing about a dozen of the former guantanamo detainees are actively involved now, at a rather high level, in this al-qaeda -- in al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the affiliate the based in yemen. we also are hearing reports of a high recidivism rate, 14 percent from those released from guantanamo get back into terrorism in some way and the biggest concern is what's due for the 91 yemenis released from guantanamo bay, what will become of them, what should become of them, so it's a pretty massive concern and neighboring somalia, the group al-sha
is back in the united states today, cora lee suffered head and spinal cord injuries and people who saw the building fall dug her out an she was on a stretcher when she arrived at fort lauderdale airport in a sandy to the search for an american physical therapist missing in the quake, the family of 22-year-old molly hightower says her body was pulled from the rubble this morning. the washington state native was in haiti, volunteering with the group friends of the or fans, a second american volunteer also killed in that statement building, a mass is scheduled today at the high school, high tower graduated from, in 2005. the united states is taking the lead in the rescue and relief efforts on the ground in haiti and it is not an easy task with so much of that country so devastated. just minutes ago, the state department held a briefing updating us on the situation. on the ground and what is being done to get americans out of the country. mike emmanuel is in washington and what is the state department saying about the challenges that americans are finding there, mike? >> john, the state de
to the united states and the obama administration argues by keeping it open it's not only a propaganda tool but a tool that al-qaeda and its various allyies -- although is used to encourage attacks on the united states like the kind on christmas day. the united states says it's committed to closing guantanamo but the timeline is more extended than the president originally hoped. he originally set a january 10 meeting, as the deadline but it's clear it will not be closed before 2011 at the earlier. jon: i know the administration doesn't like the phrase war on terror but if there is a war on terror going on, yemen seems to be the new front, is that right? >> it is a newer front, as far as public perception. the administration would argue it has been focused on yemen since it arrived here, as was the bush administration to a certain degree. david petraeus, head of central command, was on yemen on saturday, john brennan told chris wallace he had been twice this year and yes, the administration is trying to beef up its counterterrorism to the yemeni government. one concession, if the united stat
the al-qaeda in the arabian pen lanes and what its future may be in the united states and the letter reads in part it appears the decision not to thoroughly interrogate abdulmutallab was made by you and other senior officials in the department justice. moreover those with knowledge of this decision have said they are concerned with certain aspects of it without prior approval from your department, so the top senate republican is saying he wants some transparency in this decision, he wants to know who made the decision, the rationale for that decision, and i find it interesting they wants to know why the fbi director apparently is being prevented from discussing it fully with members of congress. jane catherine, i understand you spoke to a former fbi agent who's raising the question what about the quality of this information that abdulmutallab provided? >> reporter: this is the story i've been trying to get at for some time and i think today i've finally been able to. based on what i've heard from my contacts we know that abdulmutallab was severely burned, and i was told that after he
. there were 12 firearms found at checkpoints around the united states. they have four instances of artfully conceived -- concealed, prohibited items being found at checkpoints and 24 incidents that involved a checkpoint closure, a terminal evacuation, or what they call a sterile area breach. i think that number is a little higher than normal, jon: jon any tsa problems reported? >> quite a few. in femed the bomb-sniffing dogs failed to test and were taken out of service. bad timing there. they had a scare yesterday at the bakersfield, california airport after a bag tested positive for explosives. no explosive. they opened the bag and found jars containing an amber-colored liquid, the contents of those jars apparently made two tsa officers sick. turned out to be jars of honey. of course we're learning the newark airport near you had problems with a security camera, the delayed response to a security breach. there was a big delay between the time of the breach and the time the terminal was closed down. in just the last few minutes there's an press conference at newark, one senator, bob menende
in the united states, among the first of what might become a wave of young refugees from that devastated country, the military plane carrying them, along with pennsylvania governor ed rendell, touched down a short time ago at pittsburgh international airport. these pictures just into the fox news room of those young orphans de planing. they're the first being taken to children's hospital, pittsburgh -- pittsburgh, where they'll be examined, the kids have been under the care of two sisters from the pittsburgh area who managed to get word out to family members about their dire situation in haiti, their relatives contacted rendell's office for help cutting through red tape to bring them here. the children will be placed in group homes until adopgs are finalized. -- adoptions are finalized. jane: exactly one week now since the disaster struck in haiti, while the aid we're seeing it pour in, the crisis is far from over. i'm jane skinner along with jon scott. it's estimated now that 1.5 million people in haiti are now without homes. relief workers say looting, pockets of violence is making it tough to
the united states will do everything it can to help the earthquake victims in haiti. he spoke this morning just before beginning a meeting with democratic leaders to work out details on the final health care bill. the president promises an all-out rescue and humanitarian effort to help haiti in the wake of what he called a cruel and incomprehensible tragedy. >> i have directed my administration to respond with a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble and to deliver the humanitarian relief, the food, water and medicine, that haitians will need in the coming days. jon: major garrett is live the at white house for us now. what can you tell us about what the plans are, major? >> reporter: jon, the president has received three briefings on the earthquake, the most at -- first at seven, the second at 10:15, he goes on to the head of development, raj shah, the president in the remarks said he's the lead coordinator for the rescue andie leaf -- relief
action if necessary to protect the united states >> tony shaffer, center for advanced studies, good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you. jane: this is new information courtesy of the associated press, in the bake of -- wake of democratic leader harry reid's comment about barack obama when he was president, eric holder, the nation's first black attorney general is weighing into this debate, joining in the defense of the senate majority leader, saying there is, quote, a prejudice bone in his body, republicans say reid should step down from the post, they say there's a double standard here. a debate, fair an balanced, coming your way, next. jane: democrats defend senator majority leader harry reid for racial comments he made during the 2008 presidential contain date. we heard a couple of minutes ago from attorney general eric holder, he's told the ab that reid doesn't have a prejudice bone in his body, this stems from a book that came from the campaign that americans might vote for barack obama because he was a, quote, light-skinned african-american with no reg row dialect unless he
that are setting up in country, we are working with some hospitals back in the united states, having patients potentially flown back to the united states for more definitive care. we've got two victims now severely burned and we're trying to get them flown to burn centers in the united states. jane commander, we're looking at videotape while you're talking of how enormous this vessel is. can you describe for the viewers what it's like? the interior picture loose like it's almost like any hospital. what does it feel like in there, does it feel like you're in the hospital in the united states? >> indeed. we really are pretty much top of the line with the equipment we have. we have 12 operator rooms, as you said, we have 80 intensive care unit beds. jane: sounds like we may have lost our connection to commander mark marino, but you got the gist of it, they have so much capability to take vary of victims and they're taking them by boat and chover. they hope to get them by boat, nip. we'll bring you the latest figures as soon as we get them. jon: as jane was just speaking to the comer, this crosse
is will the media demand the same of this president as of other presidents which is to say, treat the united states congress with respect. by telling them what provisions you wilt not enforce. we're also seeing this in the health care bill. where the president 8 times during the 2008 campaign promised any negotiations over a final bill would be broadcast on c-span and maybe you can chalk that up to naivete and i do but 8 times said this was not an ill-consider or hastily formed commitment on his part and now we know negotiations on the health care bill are taking place, in private and we don't even know who all the people are in the room because they are not going through a conference committee which would give republicans a seat at the table, if democrats only sitting down at the white house writing the final version of the bill which violates two pledges of the president, he'd do things in a bipartisan manner and not red, blue states but united states and he'd be transparent and accountable and neither of which he's doing by putting it in a private room, rather than on c-span as he promised, 8 ti
initially for passengers headed to the united states, other european countries have also installed these machines, however, not everybody is happy about the use of these greg halcot will bring us town speed and what the reaction is. >> we've been doing our survey around the european cont tent and found pretty fast response for a region not always on its feet. let's start with am der stam's airport, under which abdulmutallab transited on his way to detroit on christmas day. they have had 15 full body scanners in place, but they tell us that they're on a trial basis, it's voluntary, they're only for european flights, not for transit passengers, so, in fact, abdulmutallab did not use one of those devices. but they tell us that within two weeks, they will be used for all passengers heading to the united states from amsterdam, 60 more are on order. in the u.k., british authorities tell us london's heathrow, which receives a large amount of u.s.-bound flights will have full-body scanners. for those passengers, french officials say there will be one scanner in place at charles de gaulle a
with united states citizens on board. obviously, impacting our national security, and our national interest. the most significant difference is reid was apprehended in december of 2001, during the early stages of our war against al-qaeda, and at that point in time, we weren't as equipped as we are today to essentially hold these terrorists as illegal enemy combatants and use that as way to gather significant and substantial intelligence that will certainly keep our country and our men and women in uniform much safer. we do know that tremendous intelligence has been gathered over this period of time by those detainees that are held at gitmo. we also know that those folks that have been apprehended and prosecuted domestically in the united states, even though they are illegal enemy combatants, have provided little or no value for an intelligence perspective. jane: so did you get something from reid when he pleaded guilty? >> no. reid gave us some statements early on, but as soon as he realized that he had the right to remain silent, he remained silent. he provided no cooperation with the gove
in the united states. and the president is trying to get his political mojo back, because he lost it on health care, lost it in massachusetts, got to get back in some way of leading the charge politically, so now he's hammering the table about jobs. that's what he's doing right now. jon: well, and it does seem the massachusetts lesson is going to cause the white house to want to do more sort of hand in glove with republicans. that suggests that there could be perhaps some kind of tax relief coming? >> yes. this new job stimulus program, i believe it will be in the neighborhood of $150 billion, it won't all be government jobs. i believe that because the republicans have to be on board, there will be some kind of tax cuts for businesses, encouraging them to hire. but there will be a lot of green job creation and there will be an awful lot of money going to the states to keep teachers on the payroll. to keep other government workers in the states on the payroll. but yes, you're right, jon, the republicans, because their support is required, they will be pushing for tax cuts for businesses to help
of the christmas bomb and warned against more attacks against the united states within the next 12 months, as long as the united states continues to support israel. a couple of things to talk about with in this message. jenna, some have looked at this and said it's not a claim of responsibility if you listen to it, he didn't say i was responsible for this attempt into detroit but he sounds like he wants to be associated with it. what do you hear in it? >> no matter what you think, whether you think he claimed credit or not, no intelligence really indicates that he was actually involved, and this is likely propaganda and an empty by bin laden to stay relevant. jane: let's talk about the timing as well, four weeks, a little longer than usual, usually he would be a little quicker in response to something like this. >> well, you know, there's no coincidence this is the same week as the state of the union address. president obama hasn't really taken leadership on this issue in his administration and he's hardly tried to distance himself from the bush administration's counterterrorism initiatives and i
these government buildings. you can imagine, if they're hitting the united states cities, they'd be hitting the central bank, central to government. what does it say about the karzai leadership going forward? >> this whole attack was undermined to -- plan to undermine the government, of course, and the social and political propaganda effects are substantial. remember, what the enemy is seeking to do here, what the taliban is seeking to do first and foremost is undermine the authority of the central government and by being able to conduct a reasonably successful attack within two blocks of a point where karzai was swearing in his future ministers, certainly undermines in the minds of the people the ability of karzai to govern this country, jane. jane: you have doubts, i know you've voiced them in the past about sending 30,000 more american troops, whether that actually is going to be enough, do the trick. >> yeah, that's right, jane. remember now, this is a country that is the size of iraq, but it is the most primitive place on the planet, and the enemy has the initiative right now, and so t
is in this report. >> bottom line the group says the united states is not prepared for a biological weapons attack, the experts are saying that based on the response to the h1n1 flu virus, they aren't convinced the government is prepared for anything more severe and they got three fs, for biological risks, an f for enhance the nation's capabilities for rapid response to prevent biological attacks, from inflicting mass casualties and two fs on government reform, reform congressional oversight to address intelligence and homeland security and cross cutting 21st century national security missions, and an f for implement education and training programs to recruit and retain the next generation of national security experts. these experts are saying it is time for the u.s. government to tighten it up, jane. >> mike who is behind the report? >> reporter: two headliners, former florida senator bob brand, a democrat and missouri senator, former senator jim talents, the headliners of the bipartisan commission on the prevention of weapons of mass destruction, proliferation. and to be fair, they say the last
. this is the heart of the united states' strawberry country, in sidney, florida and so far, so good on the $250 million a year strawberry crop, but the berry farmers and citrus farmers know this cold snap is far from over. details coming up. jon: taking you back to st. louis, where that shooting has taken place, at a plant that manufactures power transformers, the company is abb, a swiss-based company. on the phone with us now, thomas smith, a spokesperson for abb in zurich. mr. smith, thank you for joining us. there is a report that the suspected gunman in this case, timothy hendron is a former employee of the company? do you know, had he been fired? >> good morning. at this point, we really don't have that information available, or it's been a very sad day for abb and we are currently working very hard to establish the information, together with the authorities in st. louis, and we have teams on both sides of the atlantic, in zurich here in switzerland and in the states. that's the current situation for us. jon: it's obviously a huge facility there in st. louis. how many people work there? >>
group it says has ties to israel and the united states. jane new hope for an arms control treaty from the united states and russia, the foreign minister saying the two countries will restart talks later this month, a 1991 strategic arms reduction treaty expired this month. there has been tension over the american plans to place a missile defense shield in europe. russia treated it as a threat and president obama scrapped the deal in part of a ship-based system. washington has said it wants russia to share more details about its plans. jon we're just getting word the president will be meeting with the house democratic caucus on thursday evening as part of the annual issues conference. the hot topic of health care reform sure to be and the -- to be on the agenda there. mike emanuel is at the white house now. where do voters, the american people stand on this health care plan now, mike? >> president obama's approval rateing in terms of how he's handling the issue of health care has taken a hit, the latest cbs news poll out says the president's approval rating on health care is down to 36
can happen anywhere, but there are hot spots, especially in the united states, and i'm sear with dr. paul earl with the usgs earthquake center. what we're going to do is take a look at the united states' lower 48s, some ofikk the hot zoones. we always think of lifornia when we think ofññ earthquakes in the united ates, but there are other danger zones, aren't there?dd >> certainly there are.÷?÷? for example, in the pacific northwest, you're capable ofk having a magnitude nine÷yqa ñake. pacific northwest, moving to the newç madrid area, in 1811 andooo 1812, there were four verywww large earthquake, theseggggo earthquakes were as large oroo larger than thoe one thatóóó rockedó haiti.ññÑ de the mississippi flow backwards.úúpopp additionally, you go more toñ the east coast, you can see charleston, where in 1886ó there was another very large; earthquake of comparableñúúúÑp size to the ha
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